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6th grade football update
by posted 09/09/2019

Hi everyone,

First off, I would like to thank everyone that helped out at the game on Saturday!  I know the game itself was not exciting to watch by any means, but without you, it would not be possible.  Also, a special thanks to Rachael for organizing the efforts.

I just wanted to send a quick email out to everyone about going forward what we will be doing as a team with how we will be handling discipline and playing time.

We had a few kids not wanting to play in the game on Saturday.  We asked them to go in and they appeared to have fictitious injuries saying that their "finger hurt" or they felt dehydrated or their stomach hurt.  Now, of course, if they are true injuries I will need to take them at their word and take it seriously.  However, it truly appeared they were making an excuse for not wanting to go into the game.  This affected our substitutions and we had to call a few timeouts during the game because of this.  Of course, I will deal with this and get you involved if need be but I wanted you to know.  I will address the team on that today.

Also, going forward, we will be much more disciplined as a football team.  We (mostly me) have been too easy on the kids with goofing around and not understanding their assignments.  Now that we are in Week 3 of the games, we will be a lot harder on the kids.  They need to know their assignments in order to play.  If they do not, their playing time will be affected going forward.  I had thought the wristbands were a good idea, but the kids are using them too much as a crutch and not understanding that the game of football is adjustments and not always how it seems on paper.  We, as a coaching staff, will make a better effort to teach assignments based on rules vs what is on paper.  This is particularly on the offensive side.

Overall, we have a very good group of kids and I want them all to have as much fun as possible.  That said, not everything we do will be "fun" and they have to know that we do things for a reason and want to make them better football players and more disciplined which will help them outside of football as well.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me or find me at practice.  I will be as communicative as possible so you know of anything ahead of time.  

Thank you so much for all you do as players, coaches and volunteers!

Go Wildcats!

Coach TD

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Welcome to the 6th grade WYF page!
by posted 08/25/2019

If anyone has any questions or needs anything, please contact Tony DiMaggio at tony.dimaggio4@gmail.com or by cell phone 608.843.9472.



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